Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just promise me we'll be all right

(Today's subject heading is brought to you by Mumford & Sons. "Ghosts That We Knew" is an amazing song and has knocked "Little Lion Man" out of the top spot on my list of favorite M&S songs.)

Anyhow. Sorry for the radio silence. I do hate to disappoint my nonexistent readers. But today I felt the need to log in and complain about all the noise the roofers are making. Our roof is in very sorry shape and every time there was a little breeze we'd all find bits of shingles covering our lawns. (I live in a townhouse.) So right now there is a crew of burly men crawling around on my roof and making an unholy racket. They're right over my head right now and I swear it sounds like they're going to come crashing through the ceiling any minute. First-world problems, I have them.

Also, a quick note about pictures. I won't be putting pictures of Ellie on the blog anymore, at least not ones that show her face. She's getting older and I'm starting to feel weird about putting photos of her on the Internet for any old stranger to see. Plus, I have heard at least two horrifying stories about mamas who put pictures of their small children on their blogs, only to have disgusting people download those pictures and use them for disgusting purposes. I will not take that risk.

I'll try to brighten this sucker up somehow though, since it's looking awfully drab. The weather is finally getting nicer and I'll be able to take my camera outside more, so keep an eye out for experimental nature photos.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that the roofers don't actually come crashing through my ceiling, since that would be one hell of a mess to clean up.

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