Sunday, March 17, 2013

Send help

Somebody please remind me why I thought it was a good idea to transition Ellie to a big girl bed. Because I honestly cannot remember and so far it has been a nightmare.

We put her to bed nearly two hours ago, which was already an hour past her bedtime, since we thought that if we got her good and tired she'd be more likely to stay in her bed. We were wrong. We have spent this entire two hours walking her back to her bed over and over and over. SuperNanny says that after doing this a few times they will get the picture and stay there. SuperNanny has clearly never met my child. Either that or she is just a big fat liar.

Somebody tell me that she will eventually get the picture, because my mental health is already a little fragile and this might just break me. 

ETA: While I was writing this, Mr. Canuck laid himself down on the bed and sang to her until she fell asleep. This took all of ten minutes, probably because she was beyond exhausted by that point. At least she's asleep now.

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