Thursday, March 14, 2013

Practice makes perfect

I am doing more writing that I am actually getting paid for, which is awesome, but the problem is that writing does not come easily to me. It is like pulling teeth, to be honest. And I figure that the more I do it, the easier it will get, right? So I'm going to use this here blog as my practice vehicle. I'm going to try to put something here every day, or at least most days, even if it's just a couple of sentences. Because not only do I need the practice, but I'm not doing anywhere near enough creative things lately and I don't want my brain to atrophy.

So, since this started out as a mommy blog (and dear God do I hate that phrase), here are some stories about Ellie. If you are friends with me on Facebook then you have already heard these stories, but they are super cute so tough noogies.

I will start with the gymnastics debacle. There is this thing here in Canada called March Break, where all the kids are off school and a surprisingly large number of the parents go on vacation too, and lots of stuff is closed. This is very strange to me as an American, since as far as I know we don't really have anything like that. There is spring break, sure, when the college kids go crazy, but the rest of us pretty much stay sane.

Anyhow, this week is March Break, and Ellie's gymnastics studio is closed all week. I, however, forgot about this (see above, where I barely even know that March Break is a thing) and took her to gymnastics anyway. I was just about to get her out of the car when I finally realized why it was so easy to find a parking spot and felt like a tremendous doofus. Ellie adores gymnastics and was super excited about going, so I felt awful telling her that Mama made a mistake and we couldn't go in after all. She cried most of the way home. I told her, "Honey, I'm so sorry, Mama made a dumb mistake," and she replied, "No, Mama, you made a BIG mistake!" And a little while later I heard, "Mama, are you still sorry?" Two and a half years old and she's already learned the power of the guilt trip.

The other story involves facial hair. Mr. Canuck grew a mustache for Movember and Ellie was fascinated with it. He also likes to give her "whisker seeds," where he rubs his scratchy chin on her face and pretends that this will make her grow whiskers. She adores this, and has recently started announcing that she is going to grow a beard and a mustache. And since her favorite color is purple, she is going to grow a purple beard and mustache. We tell her how pretty that will be and how we can't wait to see it.

Life with a two-year-old is pretty awesome.

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