Thursday, December 9, 2010

When I find myself in times of trouble

What with Christmas coming up, I've been thinking about Mary a lot lately. She first crossed my mind about a month before Ellie was born, and I suddenly had enormous sympathy for her. She got dragged across the world on a donkey while she was enormously pregnant, then had to give birth in a stable. Forget being the mother of God, the woman deserves sainthood for that alone, as far as I'm concerned.

And the whole mother of God thing. When I get particularly stressed out about whether I'm raising Ellie properly, I like to step back and say hey, at least I'm not responsible for bringing up the Messiah, because holy cow is that some serious pressure or WHAT. And Mary did not even have the benefit of Google to tell her that it's perfectly normal when the baby wakes up fifty-seven times in the night and refuses to go back to sleep and it's not because she has totally fucked up and ruined her child's entire life.

So what I'm saying here is that I suddenly have tremendous respect for Mary, and I almost wish I were Catholic so I could pray to her without feeling like a total doof. Almost.

These are the thoughts I have these days, people.


Elizabeth said...

I don't really consider myself a Catholic, but every time I get on a plane, or drive in bad, icy weather I repeat the Hail Mary in my head until I calm down (or reach my destination.)

Amanda said...

That is an excellent strategy. I'm actually thinking about getting a St. Christopher medal to take with me when I fly. I don't care if he's been removed from the official calendar and I'm not even Catholic anyway, I despise flying and will take all the help I can get.

Jennifer C said...

Since we named our daughter after Mary, I think about her all the time. She was an incredibly humble person, who willing did God's will, agreeing even before God gave her the provision of a husband. She must have known she would have been totally ostracized (or worse) as an unwed mother in that time. I want to raise my daughter to be like her. I have never, however, compared her situation to mine. Thanks for that!

Amanda said...

Jenn, I just recently read a blog post about an Argentine Christmas song about Mary and Joseph that got me a little weepy. - I think you'll enjoy it.

dbs said...

Sweet post. I love it when people realize faith can have a sense of humour. (And I'm not talking about Faith Hill either.)

alanna rose said...

Finally had a minute to catch up. Ellie is precious! Max is also not a very good sleeper - although we are currently on night two of decent sleeping (it's only been over 7 months since I've hit a REM cycle - nothing big) - I seriously hope I'm not jinxing it. A book on sleeping, and a baby sign language book were pretty much the only advice books I read with JJ, the sleeping one is the only one I have revisited so far with Max.

Congrats on the house! I am sincerely hoping you chose to drink the champagne, christen with water - drink the alcohol!