Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Her hair of floating sky is shimmering

Sorry for the long silence, y'all. Most of my spare time the last month or so has been spent reading really good books. It's not that often anymore that I pick up a book that is just SO GOOD that I don't want to put it down, and that's happened twice in the last month!

And on that note, Keith Richards' new autobiography is wonderful. I've never really been a big fan of the Stones - they're all right, but not one of my favorites - but Keith Richards is rock and roll personified. The man has fabulous stories to tell, AND he names names. AND he is hilarious. I'm hoping this book confirms my theory that Keith Richards is immortal. Because seriously, if the man were ever going to die he'd have done it by now.

And now to the main subject of this blog! Ellie continues to insist that sleep is overrated, but it is getting better. I broke my no-parenting-books rule and bought The No-Cry Sleep Solution, and much to my amazement it's actually working. Ellie still isn't quite sleeping through the night, even by baby standards (five consecutive hours) but the last two nights she only woke up twice instead of four times, so this is a huge improvement. I'm hoping that before long she'll get back to where she used to be, sleeping seven hours at a stretch and only waking up once per night. Everybody send her your best sleepy vibes, would you?

But really, this baby is so happy and cheerful and friendly that the sleep thing does not bother me anywhere near as much as it would otherwise. Even when she's tired out, she always has a smile for me and usually a giggle as well. She LOVES it when her daddy plays peek-a-boo with her.

And she continues to be a little ahead of the curve with her physical development. She's almostbutnotquite sitting up by herself - if I prop her up in the nursing pillow she usually lasts about five minutes before she arches her back and slides herself down. So cute.

Part of our bedtime routine is story time with Daddy. She seems to really enjoy this. Also, does she or does she not look exactly like her father?

Seriously, I don't see anything of me in this kid. I did when she was brand new, but the Canuck genes are apparently very powerful.

OH OH OH I can't believe I almost forgot!! As many of you already know, we bought a house! And I got the keys today! But I couldn't actually get in because the prior tenants were still there - they had until 6:00 today to vacate and were apparently taking their time about it. Mr. Canuck is at a conference tonight for work, so tomorrow we're heading up there with a little bottle of champagne. Should we drink it, or break it over the front stoop to christen the house? Either one would be way fun. I'll let you know what we decide on.