Monday, September 27, 2010

The Canuck Baby FAQ

To be printed out and distributed to everyone who meets this baby.

Does she sleep through the night?

No. She's not quite three months old and is still way too young to expect her to sleep straight through. She usually wakes up at least once and sometimes twice. A few times in the last couple of weeks she's gone for 8-hour stretches, but I'm pretty sure that's a fluke.

But you know, it's really not that bad, especially since I'm breastfeeding her and don't have to go downstairs and make a bottle every time she wakes up hungry. Plus, our house is miniscule, so even when she's in her crib in her bedroom across the hall, she's all of ten steps away from me. I get up, feed her, rock her back to sleep, lay her down, and go back to bed. I'm usually only up for about half an hour.

Also? Getting up in the night is a fact of life when you have a young baby, and I've found that if I just accept that, things are a MUCH easier.

Where did she get those gorgeous blue eyes?

From being a Caucasian baby. Mr. Canuck and I both have blue-eyed relatives, so it's possible they'll stay that color, but chances are they'll change. I kind of hope they don't, because her eyes really are beautiful, but we'll see. My eyes stayed blue for years before turning hazel, so I guess you never can tell.

Where did she get that gorgeous red hair?

From my mom and Mr. Canuck's grandmother. I am SO hoping her hair stays this color! It's a beautiful strawberry blonde, and seems to be getting redder as she gets older. I love it and I wish I had hair that color. (Mine is sort of reddish, but not enough. I often help it along with the aid of the good folks at L'Oreal.)

Are you breastfeeding?

First of all, why the hell do people ask this?? HELLO, very intrusive and inappropriate! But yes, I am. And I do not care to discuss it further if I barely know you.

Is Eleanor a family name?

Nope, it's just a name we both liked. When we were kicking around girl names, I asked Mr. Canuck if there were any that he particularly liked, and he immediately said Eleanor. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it, so that's what we named her! Her middle name, Grace, is for Mr. Canuck's grandma, whose middle name is also Grace.

She's beautiful!

I know, this isn't a question, but the answer is YES. YES, SHE IS.