Friday, August 20, 2010

You know I love you still

For your entertainment and edification, I have decided to let you all in on a typical evening here in the Canuck household. It's just a barrel of monkeys, I tell you.

8:00 Mr. Canuck gives Ellie her bath. This is Ellie's most favorite thing in the whole entire world, so there is much waving of arms and kicking of legs, and everything in the immediate vicinity gets soaked. It's absolutely adorable.

8:15 We take her out of the bath and she immediately starts crying.

8:20 Pajamas are on, and it's time to go upstairs and feed her. This is her other favorite thing in the whole world.

8:40 Baby is done eating and starts to fall asleep. We wrap her up in her swaddling blanket and break out the bag of tricks to get her down for the night. We recently discovered the magic of white noise, so we keep a hair dryer in her room and turn it on at bedtime. Works like a charm.

9:00 Ellie is asleep! I very very gradually turn off the hair dryer, get up out of the rocking chair, and very very carefully lay her down in her crib.

9:10 Ladies and gentlemen, we have a sleeping baby! I tiptoe out of her room and congratulate myself on getting her down so early.

9:20 Ellie wakes up.

9:25 It's Mr. Canuck's turn now, so he rocks her back to sleep with the aid of the hair dryer.

9:40 Once again we have a sleeping baby!

9:50 Baby wakes up. She immediately begins making noises that mean, "Okay, people, I'm awake and would quite like some attention over here." I hold out hope that she will put herself back to sleep.

9:52 Ellie steps it up to, "I am not actually kidding over here. Pay attention to me NOW." Because I don't learn, I still hope that she will fall asleep again on her own.

9:55 Ellie commences with the yelling. I pick her up again and wonder briefly why we thought it would be a good idea to have a baby in the first place.

10:15 She falls asleep again with her face snuggled into my neck and I remember, Oh yeah, this is why. We spend the next thirty minutes waiting for the other shoe to drop, and when the coast is clear we go to bed ourselves.


Jensboys said...

White noise is a GODSEND!! Do you know they sell white noise makers at walmart, or Real Canadian Superstore? :) Honestly - could not raise a baby without one!!! :) My girls (2 and 1) still use it all the time - all night every night - and we can put them down when we are out as long as we have the white noise machine. I think they are called "sound therapy" machines

Amanda said...

Good to know! We keep a fan running next to her crib, but I don't think it's loud enough. I'll have to look into that!