Friday, April 16, 2010

A thousand points of light

It has recently occurred to me that I do nothing but complain in this blog. That is probably getting tiresome. So here are some things that I genuinely love about this pregnancy:

1. I can actually SEE the baby move now. It looks like my belly is having very localized earthquakes. It's really weird and I absolutely love it.

2. I've definitely reached the point where I really look pregnant, and not just like I've put on some weight.

3. The combination of pregnancy hormones and prenatal vitamins is making my hair look awesome. I've always had extremely thick hair, and now it's reached all-new levels. It's extra shiny these days too.

4. I am having SO MUCH FUN imagining what this baby might look like. I am really, really hoping she looks like Mr. Canuck but with red hair. (My hair is sort of reddish, he has tons of red in his beard, and there are redheads in both our families. I've even drawn up the Punnet squares and determined that she's got about a 25% chance of turning up redheaded.) For those of you who have seen Mr. Canuck, just imagine how beautiful a little girl who looked like him would be. Besides, little girls should look like their daddies. Lord knows I do, and I've always really liked that.

5. Buying baby things! Holy cow, there is SO MUCH adorable stuff out there for baby girls. I've been very restrained, all things considered, but it's hard sometimes.

6. And the best part of all: I have the most wonderful people in my life. My family, the Canuck family, all of our friends, they have all been so helpful and supportive and amazingly generous. I am very touched and incredibly grateful for everything that everyone has done for us and for our baby. I know that there are far too many women out there who go through this with no one supporting them, and I know very well how incredibly lucky I am. Thanks, everybody.

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Jennifer C said...

You are too adorable and cute!! A little redheaded Seanette? I can't quite picture it, but I'm sure your baby will be beautiful!