Wednesday, April 7, 2010

She bangs the drums

People of the Internet, my advice to you is this: When a pregnant woman complains about how rotten she feels, just be sympathetic and/or encouraging. For example, when she tells you that she hasn't slept properly in two weeks, that tying her own shoes has become problematic, or that she has heartburn that goes up to her ears, a good response would be, "Wow, that sounds like it really sucks." Or, "Hang in there, it can't last forever!" A bad response is anything that resembles, "Just you wait, IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE FROM HERE." That is not helpful and will probably make the pregnant woman hate you. As the lovely Dooce put it, "I can guarantee that every time you use that phrase in conversation with a pregnant woman you are earning cosmic points that when added up one day will result in a piano falling on your head."

So yeah, I haven't slept properly in two weeks, I'm having trouble tying my shoes, I have heartburn that goes up to my ears, and this pelvic bone issue is making everything about ten times harder and more painful than it needs to be. And if one more person tells me that it will only get worse from here, I will personally drop that piano on that person's head. I am sure that that's true and all, but that doesn't change the fact that I feel like shit RIGHT NOW.

Okay, now that the bitching is out of the way, here are some pictures!

This is me and my sister-in-law, who is also pregnant. When the photo was taken, I was 27 weeks and she was 15. I swear we did not wear matching colors on purpose.

There it is! Perhaps that mark across my stomach means it's time for me to stop wearing those pants.

And this was just too damn cute to keep to myself.

So there you have it! I'm cranky and I feel like hell, but at least I'm cute.


Anonymous said...

I will contradict all those so-called experts and tell you that, in fact, it WILL get better. Maybe not straight away, but at least it will go away. Nobody tells you beforehand that some of the things that come with pregnancy are horrible, but at least they don't last forever. Pregnancy can be wonderful, but it can also be uncomfortable or even painful; if that part lasted forever, no-one would have two children!
And yes, you do look cute, love the bottom photo

Jennifer Chaloner said...

I really hope those sorts of phrase will never slip out of my mouth in front of a pregnant woman. I would be mortified!
Are you finding your exercises and belt are helping at all?

Amanda said...

The exercises are helping! I still haven't gotten the belt, though. When I went to the home health care store, the clerk thought she knew better than the midwife and kept insisting that the kind of belt that she'd prescribed would hurt the baby. This always happens to me at home health care stores! So I need to get hold of the midwife and clarify what I actually need before I let them talk me into the wrong thing.