Saturday, February 6, 2010

She's often inclined to borrow somebody's dreams 'til tomorrow

Two things today:

1. Pregnancy Brain is a real thing, I am here to tell you. The wires get crossed between my brain and my mouth on a fairly regular basis anyway, but I seem to be gradually losing my mastery of the English language. About twenty minutes ago, I turned to Mr. Canuck and said, "When you've finished your drink, will you help me with the thing the stuff and the parts?" Bless him, he somehow managed to accurately translate this to, "Will you help me take the new computer desk out of the box so I can put it together?" Worth his weight in gold, I tell you.

2. Since the baby can apparently hear now, we've decided it would be fun to start reading to it. And for Baby's First Book, we've settled on The Hobbit. I still can't quite get behind The Lord of the Rings (I KNOW I KNOW) but I love Bilbo's little round face. One of my favorite bloggers recently reviewed The Hobbit, and I could not agree more with the following sentiment:
And we all know that I am a giant fantasy suck, and that even when it's garbage I will love its face. But my indescriminate love of dragons and magic swords and shit doesn't detract from the delight of reading really very good dragons and magic swords and shit.

So yeah, I'm geeking out in a big way over here and I'm taking my baby down with me!

Okay, I guess there's three things:

3. We have our ultrasound on Tuesday!!! I am really, REALLY hoping that we find out the sex. It's always possible that the baby won't cooperate, but apparently it's also possible that the tech won't tell us. I guess there are some religions and/or cultures where if the baby is not the sex they want, they will abort it. Also I guess there's liability issues if they turn out to be wrong. I will sign whatever I have to sign, I will get violent if I have to, but they had better be willing to tell me what my baby is! I'm getting tired of calling it "it." I'd like to know who it is in there.

Stay tuned!

(Oh, and in case any of you are wondering where I'm getting these wacky-ass titles for my posts, they are generally stolen from songs I like. Today's title is taken from "See Emily Play" by Pink Floyd. Trust me, I am not that creative or that weird.)


Jennifer Chaloner said...

My sister-in-law (very white girl, no reason to think she was from some other culture) wanted to know the sex and the tech wouldn't tell her. She was in tears, and it didn't change anything. As soon as she left, she called her midwife, who called her back with the baby's sex. The worst part about it was that the tech was so mean to her, rather than being understanding, even if she had to firmly say no.
Anyway, I'm so excited for you and Sean! Let us know as soon as you know!

Amanda said...

Ugh. I get SO steamed up at the very idea of somebody withholding information from me about MY OWN CHILD, especially when it's not for any good reason. Keeping my fingers crossed that we get a nice one!

Elizabeth said...

Wacky internet coincidence? I was listening to Pink Floyd's Relics when I read this post.

Amanda said...

That is awesome.

Also, I am very sorry that I didn't publish your comment until just now. I thought Blogger would email me when I got comments that needed to be moderated, but evidently they don't.

Stephanie said...

The Lord of the Rings book made me want to quit reading for awhile because they were SO BORING! Everyone kept telling me I had to love them, but blech!
And that's weird about the ultrasound. I've never heard of anyone having that happen, I'm glad you guys had a normal tech!
(and yeah I know I'm really really late, lol)