Monday, February 1, 2010

It's been a long, cold, lonely winter

Today's video is a double feature: "Here Comes the Sun" and "Homeward Bound" as sung by George Harrison and Paul Simon on Saturday Night Live. This is one of my favorite performances ever, by two of my favorite musicians (and boy howdy do they harmonize beautifully), so you'd better like it. It's fabulous.

Sorry I've been quiet for so long around here. Mr. Canuck and I moved into a new house last weekend and it's been pretty chaotic for the past few weeks. Packing, painting, moving, unpacking, and generally living in chaos has been STRESSING ME OUT, people. And even with the help of my wonderful mother-in-law, I managed to overdo it with the painting and crippled myself. I was so sore I couldn't walk for a couple of days, and the best I could do was hobble for about three days after that. It's been over a week now and I'm still a little tender. I have got to get in shape.

But the best news is that I've left my job! My last day was last Friday and I am not even a little bit sorry. The year I worked there (as a temp, after they told me it was going to be a temp-to-perm deal) was way more stressful than it was worth, and frankly I am seriously unimpressed with how that company is run. A lot of people were sorry that I was leaving, but as Beyonce said, if they liked it they should have put a ring on it. Their loss!

So now I'm apparently a housewife. I'm spending this week putting the house in order, and next week I'll start trying to drum up some transcription work (assuming I can find my foot pedal - where the hell did we pack that thing?). I'm really happy that I have this opportunity to chill out before the baby is born.

Speaking of the baby, we have our ultrasound a week from tomorrow! I'm thinking now that it's a boy - couldn't tell you why, that's just how I'm feeling it - and it'll be fun to see if I'm right. Whatever it is in there, it seems to be a ninja. I'm pretty sure he's even got a little set of nunchuks in there. I wouldn't be surprised if he just kicks his way straight out the front in a few months, it's so strong already.

And now I'm feeling guilty because there are still a couple of boxes in the kitchen waiting to be unpacked, and getting the kitchen finished is my goal for the day. So I'd better get on that. Unpacking is BORING, but I'll feel a million times better once this place is organized.


Eskimo said...

Ugh, I'm so glad you're finally out of that place and get to destress a bit before the munchkin takes over! Have fun organising the house!

(Er, and this is Aldi btw - can't switch accounts right now so uhm HAI HAVE SOME NOSERUBS ;))

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