Sunday, November 29, 2009

Something tells me I'm into something good

Here I am! I bet you thought you'd never hear from me again, but you were wrong. I found out recently that because of this blog, one of my friends has started referring to babies as "lentils," so obviously I am a Pop Culture Phenomenon and should update more regularly so as not to alienate my fans. Or something.

There are a few reasons why I haven't been updating, and they all point back to Morning Sickness. Except that in my case it's more like AllDamnDay Sickness. As these things go, mine hasn't been that bad - I'm just going about my business and then suddenly I have to sit very quietly and concentrate on not vomiting, and eventually it fades. I never can tell when one of those waves is going to hit, though, which is the frustrating part. I can count on feeling like hell between 4:00 and 7:00 every day, though. (This is the part where Mr. Canuck suffers, since I can't stand to even smell food and therefore haven't made dinner in weeks. He hasn't starved to death yet, though, so I think he's managing all right.) One of my cousins put it very well - I feel like I'm hung over 24 hours a day, without even having the fun of earning it. Completely unfair.

In more pleasant news, I finally bought my camera! Photography is my favorite hobby, and a couple of months ago I decided it was time to upgrade to a DSLR camera. It took me a little while to save up for it, but I managed it and am now the proud owner of a Nikon D3000. I haven't had much opportunity to really see what it can do, but so far I absolutely love it. Oh, the baby pictures that will be taken! I've been telling Mr. Canuck that we need to go back to Zanzibar so I can take more pictures of it with my fabulous new camera. So far he is unconvinced.

I have big plans for this blog - in future entries I'll be discussing things like vegetarianism during pregnancy, and why I've decided to have a homebirth with a midwife, but right now I'm feeling kind of dizzy and queasy, and lying down sounds like a better plan than blogging. But have no fear! I might be a little lazy about it, but I'm not abandoning this thing.

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E. said...

I have the Nikon D90 and LOVE it. :)