Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Makin' progress

According to my weekly email from, my baby is now about the size of a lentil. For comparison purposes, here is a lentil:

I don't know if they mean a dried lentil (which that is) or a canned lentil (which I don't have in the house, and I wouldn't open up a can of lentils just to take a picture of one of them in any case). I suspect they mean a canned lentil, or possibly even a fresh lentil, because supposedly my uterus has doubled in size by now, and looking at that tiny little thing I'm finding that hard to believe.

Hi, little lentil!

Also, a couple of weekends ago we bought our first baby toy. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Forgetful the Elephant!

We rescued him from IKEA, where he was surrounded by sharks and polar bears. I believe he's about twice the size that the actual baby will be, but he's extremely soft and huggable which is the main thing. Mr. Canuck has already informed me that if Saskatchewan turns out to be a boy, we are going straight back to IKEA and buying him a stuffed shark. Okay, said I, but if it's a girl we're getting her a polar bear. Deal? Deal.

(Also, if you've ever wondered how obnoxious it is to make Blogger put photos WHERE YOU WANT THEM, the answer is REALLY OBNOXIOUS. Seriously, Blogger designers, I PUT THE CURSOR THERE FOR A REASON.)

Other big news? We've found a house to rent! It's in a suburb just north of Toronto and is just about as fabulous as it can be. Three bedrooms, two floors, really nice tenants in the basement, nice big yard, lovely landlady, and the rent is several hundred dollars cheaper than what we're paying now. More space + less money = HAPPY CANUCKS. We get to move in at the end of January, and I am already frightening The Man of the House with my grandiose plans for painting and decorating, especially in the nursery. I don't think my plans are all that unreasonable; basically, I would like to arrange the furniture in an artful and ergonomic fashion, rather than hauling it through the front door and dumping it wherever it's convenient. I don't think that's too much to ask.

I would post pictures of the new place, but as I said above, Blogger has exasperated me enough for one day. So off I go to catch up on old emails and try to convince my long-distance friends that it's not because I don't love them that I haven't written in two months, it's just that I'm a bad person. Wish me luck with that.


Awakened Growth said...

Congratulations Amanda! Becca told me your exciting news, and sent me the link for your blog. It'll be fun to follow your progress. Let me know if you figure out an easier way to post photos!
Lots of love,
Leanne G

Becca said...

Don't you love how my family is your biggest blog fan club right now? :)

Amanda said...

I do, actually. :)

Jean said...

I love Forgetful, so much better than a shark!
Great news about the bigger yet cheaper house. By January you will still be able to do lots of things without your tummy getting in the way, so painting and decorating will be fine. Putting the furniture in at least the right room when it first arrives will save a LOT of time and energy.
And now I have fulfilled my promise to reply to every entry in your baby-blog!

Ruthann said...

Yay, I have now added your blog to my long list of RSS feeds. No missing updates here!

Jennifer Chaloner said...

which suburb?? dare i say...newmarket??? (or is it dirty old richmondhill, where everyone seems to move?)
btw, sorry for the above comment if it is richmondhill!