Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So I seem to have started a blog.

So this is a blog, eh? (See, look how Canadian I am!) Why am I starting this blog? Well, I found out yesterday morning that I'm pregnant, and apparently in the 21st century when you find out that you're pregnant, you stop drinking, call the doctor, and start a blog. Not necessarily in that order.

Some background is probably desirable here. I'm an American expat married to a lovely Canadian boy, living in Toronto. We started trying to conceive back in May and could not be happier about this pregnancy. A couple of months ago during a baby name discussion, one of the ground rules we laid out was that this baby would absolutely not be named after any cities or states (Dakota, Madison, etc.). So of course we got silly and said, "Well, what about provinces?" and spent an entertaining few minutes naming our baby Prince Edward Island and British Columbia. And somehow from there we (well, I) decided that it would be funny to use the code name "Saskatchewan" to refer to our unborn child, with the possible side benefit of freaking out our parents. And that, my friends, is how this blog was named.

I've started this mainly so my mom and other long-distance relatives and friends can stay updated, but if I pick up some other readers along the way, that's okay too. Welcome to my baby blog.

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Jean said...

Having just learned of your blog, I am now going to proceed to reply to every post!
Please, please, please do not change you minds about place names. Paris is a place, so is Dakota. They are NOT people. And while we're on the subject, would you mind not giving the little sweetheart some "weird" name. You know the kind of thing, a girl getting a boy's name (or vice versa), or a "normal" sounding name that is spelled totally different or something that would be ideal for a pet. Despite what some parents may think, children don't actually want to be different, they want to be just like the rest of the kids. So no weird names, PLEASE. Jean is a VERY nice name (I know it's your second name, which is why I suggest it - j/k), but only if it's a girl or you intend to only speak French.